Local author targeted by creepy text messages

A Rockhampton-based author and leader of a writers’ group is warning other word wranglers to be on their guard, after receiving a string of text messages offering to share a road trip to a writing event - as long as there are no “jealous husbands chasing us”.

Fantasy author and organiser of Generation XYZ creative writing group Lana Lea received the anonymous messages this week, starting with the questionable opening “single or married?”

single or married message

The sender says they’re organising a road trip to the Brisbane Writers Guild - a copywriting and content marketing service, not to be confused with the Brisbane Writers Centre which offers courses and events for writers.

Lana sassed straight back, asking what her marital status had to do with a writing trip, and it just got weirder…

jealous husbands message

After a schooling on why they sound like a spammer at best, Anonymous McCreepymessages then says they’ll be contacting other authors with the offer.

other authors