The Law of Attraction part two: Creating on Purpose

by Judi Mason

Judi Mason is the Central Queensland author of Stories from the Law of Attraction: The Good, the Bad, and the Funny.  In this week's three-part series, we'll learn some basics about the Law of Attraction, and read some excerpts from Judi's book.

As I wrote in part one, the Law of Attraction is happening all the time whether we are aware of it or not. 

Often we are focusing on what we don't want, and therefore attracting more of that into our lives. When you focus on what you do want, ideas, people, and opportunities seem to come from everywhere, it’s just a matter of being more aware of what we are asking for. 

The Law of Attraction is responding to our vibration, so our job is to get into a better feeling place to match the vibration of what we want to achieve, be or have.

To start creating more of what you want:

law of attraction step 1 know what you want

1.  Know what you want

with as much clarity as you can put into it.

Knowing what we really want is often the hardest step.  For example, we may want money, but what do we want the money for?  What is the end result?  Is it to travel?  Is it to buy a car or house?  Look for what gives you joy when you think about it: that is the clue, and focus on that.

law of attraction part 2 see yourself already there

2.  See yourself already there

See yourself already having or being what you're asking for, again with as much clarity and detail as possible.

Put as much feeling into this step as you can.  Imagine how you feel now that you have what you asked for, visualise yourself in this situation, feel the emotions, the joy and satisfaction of having achieved what you have asked for.

law of attraction step three let go

3.  Let it go

Release it to the universe completely.

Be aware of any hunches or intuitive thoughts that come to you over the next few days or weeks and follow them - inspired action versus trying to force something.

When you plant seeds in the garden, you don’t dig them up everyday to see if they are growing, you let them go and allow them to grow.  You add water and sometimes fertilizer to keep them alive, but other than that you trust that one day you will see the results in your garden.

It is the same with the Law of Attraction: you have asked (planted the seeds), you have visualised (fertilised) and now just allow it to come to fruition. When we doubt and question, its like we are digging up the seeds. When the doubts do creep in, just try to change your thoughts to anything that makes you smile and you are once again in the allowing state. 

law of attraction part 4 be open

4. Be open

to receive with gratitude.

Appreciation is a powerful tool, being grateful for everything and anything in your life puts us into a state of abundance.  Doing a gratitude journal each day is very effective and allows us to see how much we already have. 

Here is an excerpt from my book about appreciation.

The Art of Appreciation

The best way to get into a higher vibration is through appreciating every day.  Appreciating the little things, things that make you smile.

My daughter sits at the dinner table with her husband and three children, and they ask each other, “what was the best part of your day today?” If they have visitors, they are included. Everyone has to contribute, so even if they had a terrible day, they have to remember something good about that day. 

It is a great practice to get into. It seems so easy to focus on what went wrong, but when you are always looking for the best part, it changes your focus instantly. 

Starting a gratitude journal that you can add to each day is another wonderful habit to get into. Start writing down things that you are grateful for every day.  Then, if you are feeling a bit down, you can just open up your journal and read what you have previously written, and it reminds you to smile.

They don’t have to be big things, although they can be. It can be the sun shining, the person at the store who smiled at you, the food you ate, the clothes you wear, the wind in your face, listening to music or birds singing, a warm bed to sleep in, the unconditional love of your pets, the earth beneath your feet, laughing, loving, giving, receiving, friends, children, family, and so on.

I am a grandmother, so I only have to think of my grandchildren and I am smiling. I love looking at life through their eyes because everything is new and exciting. Children are our greatest teachers.

Part three of our series on the Law of Attraction will be published on Friday: Tools to keep us Focused.