The Law of Attraction part one: What is the Law of Attraction?

by Judi Mason

Judi Mason is the Central Queensland author of Stories from the Law of Attraction: The Good, the Bad, and the Funny.  In this week's three-part series, we'll learn some basics about the Law of Attraction, and read some excerpts from Judi's book.

The Law of Attraction in its most basic form is 'what we focus on, we attract'.  Examples of this are when we think of someone we haven’t seen for a while and suddenly they call us or we run into them on the street; a random book falling at your feet on the very subject you were looking for; or finding a car you like and suddenly everywhere you go, you see that same car.

Think of the universe working like Facebook... when you look up something anywhere on the Internet, the next time you go onto Facebook, there it is. 

Everything is energy; even a rock under a microscope is vibrating energy.  As we vibrate we attract things, events and people that match that vibration. 

If we want to change what we are attracting, we have to change our thoughts and therefore change our vibration. 
— Judi Mason

Here is an excerpt from my book that shows how changing our vibration can change our results:

Law of Attraction The Hill

The Hill

When I was learning to drive, everyone talked about the dreaded hill start. This became embedded in my mind, and even though I actually had no trouble with hill starts when I was learning, it still gave me fear every time I had to do it.

Years went by, and I lived in many places with no hills, so there was no problem.  However, we recently moved to an area where there were many hills, and one in particular really scared me. It was a very steep hill going up to a set of traffic lights on a very busy intersection, and every time I drove up this road, the fear set in.

I dreaded having to use this road, and I always feared rolling back into the car behind me.  Of course, I seemed to have to use this road more and more, and the cars always seemed to pull up very close behind me.

Because of this fear from thirty years ago, I would then panic and try to take off quickly, and I always stalled the vehicle. I then panicked even more and would start the car and plant my foot on the accelerator, and the car would squeal all the way through the intersection. I would be so embarrassed, and this made me dread that hill even more.

I recognised that my fear was creating this situation, so I decided to change my focus and visualise myself smoothly and slowly accelerating when the lights turned green and going through the intersection without stalling or squealing the tyres.  Now I have no problems. I no longer fear that hill, and if the fear creeps in, I stop myself and again see myself driving through effortlessly. Since I have done this, it seems I hardly ever need to use this road anymore.

This is just another example of the power of our minds, for good and bad.

The Law of Attraction is happening all the time whether we are aware of it or not; often we are focusing on what we don't want and therefore attracting more of that into our lives. We are creative beings and far more powerful than we realise, so part two of The Law of Attraction series is Creating on Purpose.

Our Law of Attraction series continues on Wednesday.