About Rocky Street Press

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Rocky Street Press is an independent online arts and culture magazine.  We're based in Rockhampton, central Queensland, and we're here to celebrate culture, creativity and community locally and across regional and rural Australia.

That means stories about local writers, musicians, artists, and creatives working to build new and interesting things.  It means reviews, previews, interviews and overviews.  It means spreading the word about opportunities, competitions, grants and fresh ways to get seen and heard.  It means celebrating our independent makers, crafters, artisans and small businesses, and supporting the local arts economy.

We're not your usual mainstream news - you won't find sports coverage, or politics, who's been to court or which national chain store is having a sale. We're here for people who love, who practice, or who want to find out more about any and all branches of the arts.  We're here to share news and information, and also the finished products; fiction, poetry, photography, visual art, film and more.

Our secondary goal is to support the local community by helping build healthy individuals, families, communities and environment.  That means sharing information about taking care of yourself, your crew, and the world around you.  It means looking for the good, celebrating the small wins (and the big ones) and consciously building love and positivity in a world that doesn't always make it easy.

Would you like to find out more, write for us, or discuss advertising or sponsorship?  Drop us a line, or check out our pitching guidelines.

About the editor


Rocky Street Press is the brainchild of Jodie van de Wetering, a Rockhampton local and a writer, performer and community arts worker.  

She spent 15 years with the ABC as a reporter and broadcaster, and these days organises open-access community performances and is involved in theatre, comedy and improv.

Jodie first started daydreaming about starting a literary journal when she realised how many lit mags charge writers to submit work, but don't pay those whose work is selected for publication.  Rocky Street Press developed from combining that idea with her interest in growing the diversity, professionalism and economic sustainability of the CQ arts scene.  The magazine's long term goal is to pay all our contributing writers and artists standard market rates, and to support and promote the arts in CQ, and in rural and regional Australia more broadly.