Pitch your work

We exist because writers, artists, and creative souls of all kinds keep making amazing things, and sharing them with us.

We publish all kinds of things: short fiction, poetry, visual art and photography, short films, music, spoken word audio, reviews of movies, books and music, and nonfiction articles on arts related topics.  We're also interested in articles that fit under the umbrella of culture, creativity and wellness - think cosplay, craft, creative hobbies, art as therapy and sustainable living.  If you're not sure, just ask.  We love a chat! 

We're open to contributions from people living and working right across regional and rural Australia. We give first preference to contributors from the Central Queensland region, which we reckon is roughly the area from Mackay to Bundaberg and west to the Gemfields.  We welcome works by Indigenous writers and artists in any medium.

Ready to pitch your work? Drop us a line at rockystreetpress [at] gmail.com!

Here’s the fine print:

  • Short fiction: up to 1200 words, extracts from longer works welcome if they work as a standalone piece.

  • Poetry: up to 20 lines, multiple submissions welcome.

  • Visual art and photography: up to five images at least 1000pix along the shorter side, or links to images on Instagram, Flickr or a similar hosting service which we can embed into a post.

  • Short films: documentary or fiction welcome. Please supply a link to the film on Youtube, Vimeo, or a similar hosting service. Teasers and extracts from longer films welcome. We’re generally looking for films up to six minutes long, but this is a guideline rather than a hard rule.

  • Music & spoken word audio: please supply a link to the track(s) on Soundcloud, Youtube, or a similar hosting service. We’re generally looking for tracks up to six minutes long, but this is a guideline rather than a hard rule.

  • Reviews: reviews welcome for books, music, live theatre, and films, up to 1200 words. We have a stash of books and music waiting for reviewers - to see what we have, just contact us.

  • Nonfiction: up to 1200 words, longer pieces may be split across multiple posts. Images to accompany stories welcome: if you didn’t take the photo yourself, please ensure you have the copyright owner’s permission to use it, and permission from everyone in the photo.

  • By sending your work to us you agree there are no other publication agreements in place which may affect our ability to publish the piece. 

  • We don’t have any specific formatting requirements, just keep it clean and simple and use one of the common file types.

  • We buy non-exclusive single-use rights to your work. That means you still own the copyright and you’re still free to sell or publish it elsewhere, and we agree we’ll only publish it once, here on the website.

Here are the things we don't cover at Rocky Street Press:

  • Sport

  • Politics, unless it's specifically related to the arts such as regional arts policy

  • Crime, police, court and legal issues

  • Any religion or spiritual movement

  • Non-locally-owned businesses, including any form of MLM or pyramid scheme

  • Anything sexually explicit, graphically violent or gory

  • Gross out, cringe or toilet humour

  • Hate speech, objectionable content, defamation, or material which may be legally problematic.