Poetry: three pieces by Marie H

Poet Marie H recently spent 21 days on self-reflection, and documented her journey through poetry. Here, she shares three of the poems she wrote during that time - personal insights that also contain some important messages for us all.



My prayer for today is harmony
Harmony among people, among nations, and within me.
As this full moon subsides,
the death phase is in full swing,
My heart does not feel the urge to sing,
But access to pure Light is what this death phase is about to bring…

Ebb and flow, ebb and flow
And around it goes,
Interesting people I have met and am yet to meet
Once I have again found my feet.

May peace be found in the hearts of all mankind,
May love prevail and harmony exist,
in all the places and spaces across all Universes,
you get my gist.

As solo travellers we also need our tribe,
Those who understand, accept, nurture and get us,
Those the petty nuances of daily life do not subscribe.

For we are all one and part of the Uni-Verse,
So let’s find the song of our soul,
Dive into the dimensions of unlimited potential,
Let our soul song be sung and then disperse…
Allowing the ‘idea’ of limited matter to shatter!


Heavy Heart

My heart is heavy, it’s about to rip.
This part I wish I could skip.
All I have known as my safety net,
I am slowly losing my grip.
As my knuckles show so many shades of white,
Not sure if it is wrong or if it is right.
I know though, I must let go,
For life as I have known no longer serves me.
So like it or not, this is how it must be.
As my gut clenches and I feel the heaves of my chest,
I must do it now and give it my best.
My heart is heavy, my eyes are tired,
A new vibe is coming in and I am being re-wired.
It takes time and effort to re-calibrate.
It is not time yet, but I know it will come,
The season and reason to celebrate.
So I will be kind to myself and give myself permission to grieve,
And sink in deeper and deeper just to trust and believe,
That there is a whole point and purpose to this,
Something so great, I will not want to miss…


This Day

This day, as I awake to another rise of the sun
I feel Blessed, and consider what could be a load of fun.
As I look up the sky is so clear and blue,
I wonder what is it that I can do?
I breathe a deep breath of fresh, cool air
And I give thanks for everything I have been privileged to experience,
Including those times of despair.
So before I decide what this day has to offer
I decide to pray and meditate to centre and calm,
And focus this day on doing no harm.