Author Kate-Lyn Therkelsen shares creative passion and untold stories


Kate-Lyn Therkelsen’s passion for writing has always been source of personal strength, and now the young novelist is sharing her creativity and her publishing journey through an event at Yeppoon Library on August 24.

Therkelsen has published two books, The Wilted Rose and The New Neighbours.

Kate-Lyn said her debut novel The Wilted Rose is inspired by a true story, and is a fictional recount of an Australian family’s experience with mental illness during the 1960s and 1970s.

The New Neighbours is a collection of eight psychological suspense short stories, many of which she started writing during high school.

“I love using my writing to help to share people’s stories that may otherwise remain untold behind closed doors,” Kate-Lyn explained.

“I still write the drafts of my stories with good old-fashioned pen, paper and clipboard, and then type them up afterward.

“I have always done it this way, and I find my creativity flows better rather than writing straight onto my computer.”

Kate-Lyn will be sharing productivity tips and advice from her publishing journey at the Yeppoon LIbrary on Saturday, August 24 from 10am.

“I hope that it will be helpful to writers and anyone with a creative pursuit,” she said.

“I will share my experience of writing manuscripts as a teenager, receiving recognition from writing awards and competitions, and publishing my first book at 21.

“I love to be able to share my writing with my community, and am looking forward to sharing my stories and experiences of writing and publishing in the hope it will help make it easier for other writers who are starting out.”

Kate-Lyn’s books will be available for purchase on the day.