Seed libraries sprout up in Gladstone region


Libraries usually sow seeds of knowledge, but the Calliope Library is taking a more literal approach with a seed library now sending out runners to other libraries.

Sprouting last November, the “Let it Grow” project encouraged library members to borrow a packet of seeds, grow them, harvest them and eat what they have grown.

“The Calliope Library has now loaned more than 450 packets of seeds, with seed donations also coming in every month from community members,” says Gladstone Region Councillor Desley O’Grady.

“This means our library has been able to expand its seed library, which now includes Desert Roses, Yellow Cosmos and Australian natives such as White Bauhinia.”


Seed libraries are now also sprouting at the Boyne Island and Agnes Water libraries, and will soon be branching out to Mount Larcom.

“The garden beds at the Calliope Library continue to garner compliments, as patrons come to see what’s growing, what’s flowering and what wildlife is attracted too,” Cr O’Grady said.

“Our library staff have received great feedback from our younger community members too.

“They loved watching their seeds grow, especially the watermelon, with the best part being able to eventually eat the finished product.”

Find out more on the Gladstone Libraries website.