Drawing on talent and passion for a career in art

by Kathy Dumbleton

Samuel J Art 1.jpg

Yeppoon artist Jesse Wood’s passion for art started at a young age, and was sparked further by his grandmother’s support.

“I grew up and I always liked art,” Jesse says.

“My grandma taught me how to paint when I was younger, and I completed my first oil painting when I was nine.”

His enthusiasm for drawing continued through high school, and since then he has worked on developing his own unique style by incorporating his love for nature and animals.

The self-taught artist created his Facebook page Samuel J Art in 2014, and since then he has sold works to buyers all over the world including New Zealand, England, Scotland, Spain, USA, Canada and Mexico.

“I’ve sold many originals and heaps of prints,” Jesse said.

“I had three pieces of artwork printed and shown at a Chelsea art fair in London a few years ago, sold two out of the three, that was cool!”

Samuel J 3.jpg

Now at 24 his dream of making a living out of his artwork is taking shape. Jesse currently has four commissions in progress, for personalised works requested by buyers.

While further down the track Jesse may open his own studio, he is content for now living the artist dream.

“I’m making an ok living out of it, nothing fancy!”

He has however been approached to give lessons, and started a group on Facebook for sharing tips.

“The drawing techniques I use are mostly fine tipped pen work.

“I use outline fine tips pens and sometimes copic markers. I also use coloured pencils for some works.

“I have filmed quite a lot of my work and made time-lapse videos.”

Jesse gets a great deal of gratification from the pieces he completes.

“I like drawing because it’s satisfying to see the work you’ve put in has made something out of nothing.

“You start with a blank page, and hours and hours later you have something people can enjoy looking at.”