CQ musical sister act Innocent Eve heading back to the studio

by Kathy Dumbleton

Innocent Eve

Innocent Eve are Wowan sisters Rachel and Bec Olsson. While the girls have been singing in their musical duo for four years, music has been a part of their entire lives.

“We grew up on a cattle and grain growing property near Wowan,” Rachel said. “Our whole family is musical.”

With their grandfather an accomplished pianist and grandparents playing in a bush band there was never any doubt these girls were destined to make their own impact in the music arena.

Our Mum and Dad both sang and played guitar so music has always been a huge part of our life.
— Rachel Olsson, Innocent Eve

In the early years their musical influences included Kris Kristofferson, Gordon Lightfoot, John Denver, Bob Dylan, Creedance and even Elvis.

Over the years as they have grown, so has their own special musical taste.

“We draw inspiration from the likes of Ryan Adams, Jason Isbel and Foy Vance.

“We also love a bit of girl power and love P!nk and getting our groove onto a bit of Salt n Pepa!” Rachel said.

The girls are proudly 100% independent and also self-managed. While they admit this is a massive job, they take pride in learning every facet of the business side of music.

In 2015 they released their first album Temporary Balms, working with ARIA-charting producer Joel Black.

“It was such a learning curve for us, and we didn’t really have a solid idea of what our ‘sound’ was, so he acted as our guide.

“When we heard our single A little Bit for the first time on ABC radio and then on Kix Country, it was a goose bumps moment,” Rachel said.

The talented duo are now counting down to getting back in the studio again in November.

“We’re heading to a studio called Love Hz in Sydney, which is where we did our second recording.

“We fell in love with the warm sound our producer Matt Fell was able to create, and working with him creatively was just so natural and easy.”

The sisters have come a long way as artists and songwriters since their first album, and they are eager to showcase that growth.

“There’ll be a bit of love, a bit of heartbreak, a bit of sassiness and a bit of opinion… this one is going to be big!” Rachel said.

Rachel and Bec definitely appreciate the support of not only their fans but also country and community radio.

Keep an ear out for Innocent Eve.