Birds of Bimblebox roost in Gladstone

Heather Kepski,  Brolgas , 2014, hand painted woodcut (detail).

Heather Kepski, Brolgas, 2014, hand painted woodcut (detail).

Bimblebox: 153 Birds is a touring exhibition of prints, poetry, prose and musical birdcalls inspired by the 153 bird species recorded at the Bimblebox Nature Refuge near Alpha in central western Queensland.

The collection includes contributions from more than 450 people; visual artists, writers and poets, and musicians.

The artists come from across the globe, but share a love for nature and for the many native Australian bird species that call Bimblebox home.

The Bimblebox birds’ future is far from secure. Clive Palmer’s Waratah Coal has a mining lease which covers the whole 8,000ha of Bimblebox as well as parts of surrounding properties. The company’s plans would see the whole refuge mined - more than half open cut, the rest underground - and the coal shipped to China for power generation.

Bimblebox: 153 Birds is on show at the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum until March 30.

A taste of the exhibition installation Bimblebox 153 Birds. Bimblebox 153 Birds is a unique installation of artist prints, poetry, prose and musician’s birdcalls by over 450 people worldwide who have been inspired by the birdlife of the Bimblebox Nature Refuge. Each of the 153+ bird species is given voice by a writer, an artist and a musician.