Wildcard Josh Harris' music "more than just a weekend thing"

by Kathy Dumbleton

Josh Harris in action, by  Wezzy Crüze Photography .

Josh Harris in action, by Wezzy Crüze Photography.

Biloela-based musician Josh Harris is on the road to realising his dream of playing music full time, after being picked as the VDMFest wildcard entry earlier this year.

“I was hesitant about entering the competition because I’m not really country,” Josh said. “I played in the heats and just missed out.”

When festival organiser Mark Di Ruggiero gave him the wildcard entry into the finals, Josh was caught off guard but thankful for the opportunity to showcase his music.

Josh’s love for music developed early on.

“Growing up, my older sister sang,” Josh recalled.

We had two cassettes in the car we listened to: Garth Brooks and John Farnham.
— Josh Harris

Josh sang in the primary school choir, but it was the help of a fantastic music teacher in year eight and nine that really grew his natural musical talent.

After leaving school Josh worked at the Gladstone smelter and his dream of playing music was put on hold. While he was playing gigs, the demands of his work roster made it difficult to make music a priority.

“I felt like I was overdoing this kind of lifestyle,” Josh said.

In early 2018, after seven years at the smelter, Josh decided to quit his job and take six months off. At the same time, he received a call from the Miriam Vale Hotel asking him to play.

Over the next four months Josh played gigs in Emerald, Rockhampton, Gladstone and Biloela.

“VDMFest was a big confidence boost,” Josh said. “Meeting other artists and learning off each other, developing song ideas and even equipment setups.”

With 15 gigs already booked in for the coming year, Josh’s dream of playing his music full time is taking shape.

“My goal is to have 30 gigs for the year,” Josh said. “I’d like to progressively make my way down the coast and make my music more than just a weekend thing.”

For a showcase of what this raising star has to offer catch Josh Harris at the Biloela Top Pub on New Years Eve.