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Kristin Hannaford


This one, this is my seventeenth birthday. My first one. Once Were Warriors – I loved that movie. Jesus. It’s a fish, chasing a hook. Something big, like a wahoo, or a barracuda.  Sort of grew into a sleeve. I thought about getting one on my face, Ta Moko – old girl would’ve killed me though, and I’m a pussy. Thought about getting a bird with huge tits. Still might get one. Can’t decide between a blonde or a redhead. Jap stuff is still pretty popular. Symbols. Writing. Some arsehole might ink ‘Peace’ on your back. If you’re lucky. Ned, now he was a good idea. He was a tough bastard. ‘Such is Life’. Before they put the sack over his head. Everyone’s got Ned here though. It’s hard when every prick you see has got a tat these days. What do they call them? Pretty beards, ponytails, a couple of inks? Well, meet Mr and Mrs Beretta. See the ‘Love’ and ‘Hate’ on the pistol grip? That’s classic. That’s art. Want a cigarette? You know I woke up one day and thought, ‘How cool, how cool would it be to be always packed? I just love that idea. So here we are, ladies. Here we are.

 - Kristin Hannaford

Kristin Hannaford is a Queensland writer and poet. She has had four collections of poetry published, the most recent is Curio (Walleah Press, 2014). Her poems and short fiction are published in a range of Australian and international literary journals such as the Australian Poetry Journal, Antipodes, The Weekend Australian and Award Winning Australian Writing

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