Rocky rapper Heliam explains Fives - the voice behind the album

Heliam at work, via  Instagram .

Heliam at work, via Instagram.

Rocky rapper Heliam released seven-track album Fives late last year… but where does the name come from?

“Fives is a mood or attitude I get into sometimes,” Heliam explains. “He can be egotistical, insecure, vengeful, emotional, and most importantly creative.”

The name ‘Fives’ predates Heliam’s work as a musican, from a period when he was concentrating on poetry.

“Fives is the embodiment of those poems… “The album is based of this character/attitude. Every song ties into the mind of Fives. He speaks directly through the low-pitch parts of the songs.”

“I still get into that headspace sometimes, and when I do the music i make is sadder and deeper.”

A follow up to Fives is in the works for May 2019.