Fresh start for region's art: Rocky's new art gallery

by Jordie Lynch

The vivid vision for the new Rockhampton Art Gallery is coming together one brush stroke at a time.

The project has the support of the State Government, through their pledge to contribute funding to allow the Rockhampton region to embark on this extraordinary artistic adventure. 

The proposed project, valued at $31.5 million, will establish a three-storey facility which is set to become a state of the art centrepiece for our CBD.

The Rockhampton region boasts rich art collections that are recognised at national and even international levels, including the collection established by former mayor Rex Pilbeam which now features 1500 pieces and is said to be worth approximately $14 million.

The status of the Federal Government as a contributor is yet to be determined, but Rockhampton Regional Council is seeking their support with funding to see the project come together and become a valuable feature for the rejuvenated riverbank. 

If this structure receives the support it needs, it will become a remarkable reality for Rockhampton residents and travellers who 💓 everything art.

It will strengthen the tourism industry, focus more attention on the CBD, increase employment opportunities and empower the region’s art culture. 

Premier of Queensland, Annastacia Palaszczuk, has seen pieces of this renowned collection and supports the idea of a new art gallery to showcase the entire range.

In parliament, she said it was a pity the collection doesn't yet have an appropriate home where it can be enjoyed on permanent display.

“Very rarely has it been displayed. It needs an art gallery so everyone can see it.”

This project’s progression symbolises Rex Pilbeam’s legacy, and will create a suitable home for his inspiring artistic collection.

It will allow the community to celebrate artistic talent from the past, the present, and long into the future.