Piper Down: best mates in music

by Kathy Dumbleton

Guitar duo Piper Down are Theodore local Adrian Brown and Rocky resident Tim McMullen.  Prior to forming the partnership eight years ago, they were both solo artists in their own right.

"I had an EP out for sale I had recorded," Tim remembers.  "Adrian’s friend told him to go buy one from my Aunty, they got chatting and my Aunty told me about him.

Piper Down-page-001.jpg

"I looked him up on Facebook and turned up at his front door."

Tim McMullen, Piper Down

"We had a jam right there and then at his house."

"We sat down in my music room and just started mucking around with chord progressions," Adrian said.

"Tim said 'that sounds like Otherside’, so I started singing it and Tim started singing the harmony part. We both couldn’t stop smiling. It just sounded right."

As fate would have it Adrian was due to play at the Oxford Hotel that night.  He asked Tim along and they ended up playing the gig together.

Eight years on these talented musicians have formed a very strong friendship through their love for music.

"We are best mates and probably more like brothers,"  Tim said.

"We argue and fight and don’t mind giving each other a piece of our mind, but at the heart of it all we’d do anything for each other.

"Due to gigs we probably spend more time with each other then we do our wives. Adrian basically lives at my place from Friday to Sunday most weekends."

The duo work hard to keep up to date with new music for their audiences.

"We definitely listen to requests and try and learn the ones we don’t know," Adrian said.

"For the most part we just try to play the music that we would want to hear, and that
we think other people would want to hear as well."

While the ultimate goal is always to secure a record deal, which the band came close to achieving, their primary focus now is to keep doing what they do best.

"I’d be pumped to be able to keep playing together as long as possible." Tim said.

Want to catch Piper Down in action?  Visit them on Facebook to see where they're playing next.