Belinda's Journey: Now

This week Rockhampton poet Belinda Hemmens is sharing a very personal journey with us.  Today is the second installment in Belinda's poetry mental health journal, through trauma to triumph.

belinda hemmens mental health poetry now


part two

Ok so hopefully without a doubt you have read the first,
And you will realise now I have come through the worst.
Today is different from years ago,
The confidence building can really show.
Don’t get me wrong, I do get days that are bad,
And wake up from nightmares and for days I am sad.
I started off as a lonely introvert, spending my days asleep,
I would hide away and anxiety came way too cheap.
So I have BPD, not sure you have heard,
It’s a little bit complex and a little absurd.
I am not a loony or a crazy girl, see,
I am not actually BPD, I am just plain old me.
See for years I was treated like I didn’t exist,
My family ruled with an iron fist.
I was told I would never have kids, much to odd,
I would agree, just sit and silently nod.
But now, let me tell you, I have defied the best,
I’ve proved them wrong, and have been truly blessed.
I have BPD, oh yes I do, I also have a son and a partner in tow,
I now make decisions, with my brightness full glow.
Mental health is only one part of me, a small part at that,
And to others who have issues I take off my hat. 
If I had a wish you see, I would erase stigma for good,
And treat the mentally ill the way they actually should.
We don’t need to hide our faces, or walk inside dark shadows,
Or be referred to as 'psycho', or compared to a horror shows,
Yes, we are human, yes, we do feel, deeply if you want to see,
Our brains are all different, this makes me, me!
So if you have some time in your day to explore a little more,
You will learn a lot you’ll find and be quite surprised I am sure.
Don’t close your mind off to BPD, the change starts with you,
Keep reading on to my next poem, To Be Continued...

- Belinda Hemmens

Part three in this series will be posted on Wednesday morning.

If this poem has stirred up bad feelings or traumatic memories for you, please take care of yourself.  If you need to talk, please reach out - to a trusted friend or family member, or one of the organisations below: