Minimal waste shopping guide: your resource for cutting out the clutter

When we shop, we're not just buying our groceries and goods - we're also buying whatever packaging comes with them.  All too often that means unnecessary layers of wrapping, and plastic that will still be here thousands of years after your chocolate bar has been gobbled up.

If you're trying to live a more sustainable life and cut down the packaging coming into your home, it can be hard to know where to start.  Fortunately, someone's done all the hard work for us:

sustainable shopping guide


CQ's minimal waste shopping guide

Sabrina, the driving force behind the Minimal Waste Central Queensland Facebook group, hit the phones and the googles to research CQ's low-waste shopping options.  If you want to bring your own cups or bags, buy items loose rather than pre-packaged, or see what else you can do to cut down your packaging waste, this is the place to start.

The hard-copy resource is $3 to cover design and printing, and is available now at Simply Health Yeppoon, Farnborough General Store, and That Wholefood Place in north Rockhampton.