Pitch your work

Would you like to write for us, share your work or send us a tip?  We'd love to hear from you! 

We're interested in arts activity in all forms: theatre, music, literature, visual art, you name it.  That includes articles and reviews, as well as flash fiction, poetry, visual art, films and music.  We're also interested in lifestyle-related stories that fit under the umbrella of culture, creativity and wellness - think cosplay, crafting, art as therapy and sustainable living.  If you're not sure, just ask.  We love a chat! 

We're open to contributions and stories from all over regional and rural Australia, but particularly the Central Queensland region.  Indigenous writers, artists and contributors are very welcome.

To find out more about what we're looking for and how to pitch, read on...

      Articles, essays and other non-fiction pieces

      We're open to articles about all aspects of the arts in rural and regional Australia, as well as lifestyle features that relate to creativity, culture and wellness.   Please get in touch before you write your piece with some details of what you'd like to cover and how you're planning to approach it.  That will help us make sure it's a good fit and doesn't double up with anything else we have planned, and also give us space to discuss length, style, payment and deadline. 

      Book reviews

      We have a team of reviewers reading books by local authors and writers across Australia.  If you'd like to join the team and get free books in exchange for sharing your thoughts about them, please contact us.  If you have a book suggestion you'd like us to review, just get in touch.

      Short fiction

      We're looking for short fiction up to 1500 words.  We don't have specific formatting rules but please ensure your work is easy to read: no lairy fonts, funky colours, or distracting graphics or word art.  Please send your piece as an attachment in .pdf, .rtf, .doc or .odt format to rockystreetpress[at]gmail.com, with a cover letter telling us where you're from, your previous publication credits (if you have some), and a short bio.

      Work that has already been published elsewhere is welcome, but by sending your work to us you are confirming that there are no other publication agreements in place which may affect our ability to publish the piece.  Extracts from longer works are welcome, as long as they make sense as a stand-alone piece.


      We publish poems up to 20 lines.  Please check above in the short fiction section for details of how to format your work and send it through.  If your poetry is best experienced as a performance rather than the written word, videos or audio clips are also welcome - check below in the music, audio and film section for more info on getting the links to us.

      Music, audio and film

      If you'd like to share some tunes, a short film, or footage from a live event, please send through links we can embed in a blog post.  That might be a Youtube or Vimeo video, a SoundCloud link, or maybe another similar service you use to showcase your work online.  Please keep your clips to less than ten minutes each - if your work is longer, consider cutting a short extract or teaser we can embed, and then a link to the longer piece.

      Please note media embedded from an outside source will generally be unpaid.

      Visual art and photography

      We can showcase individual images, or up to five in a series built around a theme.  The theme might be as simple as 'these are all works from my upcoming exhibition', or it could be a story in its own right.  Please send your images as .jpg or .png files at least 1000px along the shorter side to rockystreetpress[at]gmail.com, with a cover letter telling us where you're from, your previous exhibition or publication credits (if you have some), a short bio, and a sentence or two about each image.

      Tip offs

      If you don't want to write a whole article but you'd like to let us know about something, please contact us.  It might be:

      • an upcoming event
      • a book or album launch
      • a competition, audition or opportunity for artists
      • anything else you think would interest our readers

      Please note tip offs are unpaid.


      Here are the things we don't cover at Rocky Street Press:

      • Sport
      • Politics, unless it's specifically related to the arts such as regional arts policy
      • Crime, police, court and legal issues
      • Any religion or spiritual movement
      • Non-locally-owned businesses, including any form of MLM or pyramid scheme
      • Anything sexually explicit, graphically violent or gory
      • Gross out, cringe or toilet humour
      • Hate speech, objectionable content, defamation, or material which may be legally problematic.