What we're looking for: Jan-March 2019


Rocky Street Press exists because artists of all kinds keep creating awesome things and sharing them with us. Thank you!

We publish all kinds of things: non fiction articles, first hand personal accounts, short fiction, poetry, short films, music, spoken word audio, photography, visual art, reviews…. if you can find a way to stick it to a web page, we’ll consider it!

We’re always open to submissions in any art form, on any theme. First preference goes to artists and writers from Central Queensland (roughly the area from Mackay to Bundaberg and west to the Gemfields) but we’ll consider works by anyone from rural or regional Australia.

Throughout 2019 we’ll also be putting out specific calls for contributions, to tie into some adventures we have planned.

Here’s what we’d really like to see in January-March this year:

  • Australian women’s history, particularly by female writers and artists

  • Works of any kind by Indigenous artists, writers and other creatives

  • Essays, fiction or poetry relating to military history, particularly the First World War era

  • First hand accounts of war by anyone with lived experience: servicepeople, people in supporting roles such as the Land Army or medical sector, or civillians

  • First hand accounts from Irish people in Australia, or Australians in Ireland

  • Poetry in all its forms

  • First hand accounts about rescue pets

In 2019, we’ll be paying all our contributing artists. Payment will depend on the length and style of the piece, and may also take other factors into account.

You can check out our pitch page for for information on what we’re looking for, or drop us a line to discuss an idea.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!